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Non-Varsity Officials

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WSC Boys' Basketball Assignment Information Page

Important Officials' Assignment Information

All officials, all levels, need to note that open dates are no longer accepted by Jay or LaMar. 

All officials' availabilities must be submitted ONLY via the use of the BLOCKS on your Arbiter account.





Assignments for Boys' Basketball


Varsity Assignments: 
All officials must be registered on the CHSBA Arbiter account, and be sure that they have updated their BLOCKS.If you are given assignments based on your availability record, and then decline the assignments, they will not be replaced. We are very serious about the need for you keeping your BLOCKS accurate.

Non-Varsity Assignments: 

Most Frosh and Soph B games are made available to officials on the ArbiterSports.com Self Assigning menu. Please familiarize yourself with the instructions for contracting games in this fashion. 

LaMar Simpson is again coordinating all WSC non-varsity assignments, in  addition to his assignments for WSC Girls. Be sure to see his notes on his pages re the Expectations of Non-Varsity Officials and the Non-Varsity Pre-Game Checklist.mailto:chicagoref@ameritech.net

PROCEDURE: LaMar makes his non-varsity assignments based on his  evaluations of your work and feedback from coaches. Typically, these assignments are reserved for those officials who have been identified as having varsity potential. If you feel that you qualify, but have not received games at this level, please contact LaMar by email or by phone. You can contact LaMar by phone 24/7 only at 630-815-3161. Do not phone his home number.  He will return your call as soon as he can, if you leave him a message with your phone number. His email address is chicagoref@ameritech.net.

All officials should be sure that they have updated their record in the Arbiter database, as most assignments will be based solely on these records. You can contact LaMar by phone 24/7 only at 630-815-3161. Do not phone his home number.

Note again when you receive your assignment on line, that if a site or time differs from what you were originally told, CONSIDER THE ARBITER NOTIFICATION TO BE CORRECT, and double-check your schedule. Some schools are constantly changing their schedules. You should, of course, always be phoning the schools the day before the game to confirm times, sites, driving directions, and levels. If the game is on a Saturday, be sure to call on Friday.

Please don't contact Jay directly regarding underclass assignments, even though he should 
be copied on all emails, unless you can't reach LaMar or  it is a last-minute 

Canceling an Assignment

To cancel an assignment in a last minute emergency
phone Jay immediately (630-638-2639). Leave a message if there is no answer.

Be sure that he gets your message
If you don't hear back from him, or get an email notice that you have been removed, confirm
that the assignment has been updated on ARBITER and you have been removed. 
If you are still assigned to that contest, contact Jay again. 

If there's more than a couple of days before the assignment, 
Jay with a thorough explanation of WHY you are canceling.

DO NOT EVER send your own substitute!!!!!

"Where do I Stand as an official in the WSC??" Our Assignment Philosophy.....

This page will give you an idea of what the boys' basketball assignment chairman of  the WSC expects from officials as far as qualifications and moving "up the ladder", and what you can expect from him. The WSC evaluation system is also explained.


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