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Welcome to the WSC Boys' Basketball Assignments Page


West Suburban Conference
Jay Lyons
, Assignment Chairman


New?   Want to become a basketball referee?

In order to receive WSC Boys' Basketball Assignments, 
you will need to be registered on our Arbiter assigning site.

If you are a new official, or not yet on our ARBITER site, and wish to be added to the list of available officials, follow the instructions on this page. If you already have an ARBITER account in another sport, be sure that you use the SAME email address on all Arbiter accounts.

Once you have been registered on the ARBITER, you will receive a Welcome Letter with instructions for logging on to the ARBITER site (you may want to bookmark it). Print this letter out and SAVE it, as you will want to follow the instructions exactly. Use your email address and password to log on, then accept the invitation from the basketball Assignors and ARBITER's T&C. Then, on the Main Page, be sure to CLICK THE "READY TO BE ASSIGNED" BOX. Next, change your password to something you'll easily remember and WRITE IT DOWN and post it on your computer. Finally go to the BLOCKS section and block any dates for which you are unable to work basketball. SAVE and you are ready to be assigned.


Payment for Games: 

Please note that not all schools pay within the same time frame. In the WSC, we have a wide range of payment procedures because our 14 schools are in many different school districts and each has their own procedure for approving money spent. Those procedures may range from immediate payment at the game site to waiting as long as 90 days for school board approval and for checks to be cut. If you are concerned about the timeliness of your payment, please ask an administrator at your game site what that school's procedure is. Be sure to fill out any needed paperwork while you are on site. Then contact the AD's office re payment ONLY after that promised time frame has elapsed. Please be patient. 



LaMar Simpson
continues to help supervise non-varsity assignments in the WSC.

Contact LaMar Simpson regarding assignments by email or 
by phone ONLY on his 24/7 cell at 630-815-3161.

Do not phone LaMar's home number.

 Assignment Information Page

Click on the link to learn everything you need to know about receiving assignments in the West Suburban Conference, including how to advance through the ranks, who to contact, and what to do if you have to cancel an assignment.

Towels in the West Suburban Conference

Most WSC schools (and most other schools as well) no longer have a towel service. Please be sure to bring your own towel in your bag if you plan on showering at the school after your game. If a school is able to provide you with a towel, please be sure that it gets into the proper receptacle when you're finished with it, and please make a point of thanking the administrator for their efforts.

Links to Other Basketball Officiating Web Sites:




The Inter-Association Council of Athletic Officials (IACO)
Your local association is represented in this group, which sponsors clinics in Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Softball. They have a website with lots of local stuff and links to information for every school and assignor in the greater metropolitan area..



International Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO)
If you're serious about basketball officiating, and you're not already an IAABO member, maybe you should be. 
This site also has links to other basketball and officiating sites.

National Association of Sports Officials (NASO)
Another organization you should join, if you're serious about officiating.

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Last updated on November 23, 2016