So you want to be a basketball referee?


If you want to stay/get involved with the game of basketball, if you want to get some good exercise to help keep in shape, and if you enjoy working with young people, basketball officiating may be a rewarding and fun hobby for you. Most games for newer refs are played after school (4:30 or 6:00 weekdays) or on Saturdays.

The first thing you have to do is to get licensed by the Illinois High School Assn. as an "official" (generic). They will ask you to provide references that they can check with to be sure that you're the kind of person who should be working with high-school athletes. It takes several weeks for your references to be returned, so get started now.

Once you've been approved, the next step with the IHSA is to get sport-specific. (e.g. basketball). They will provide you with rule-books and resources to help you learn and prepare to work your first game. When you have passed your Part I Test (open-book), you will get your official's card and IHSA uniform patches. That's when you should contact us to schedule your first games. Familiarize yourself with the process you will find on this website's other pages. Meanwhile, get information about a local basketball officials' association from the IHSA directory, and plan to start attending their meetings.

The next thing you know, you'll be out there blowing your whistle.

If you would like to link to the IHSA website, get more information, and/or request an officials' application, you can do that by clicking below.


Officials' Department

Good Luck!

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So you want to be a basketball referee?

Last Updated: October 15, 2008