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Jay Lyons'

Unofficial 2007 IHSA Football Playoffs 
Officials' Crew Scorecard

Final Update:  11/15/07
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(5A) Harper"

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The 2007 Football Scorecard is dedicated to the memory of an IHSA State Final football official who is not here to work with us this post-season:

Sylvester "Sly" Blaylock

will be greatly missed.


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Crews: (Games in '06) & Members' Names

1st Round 2nd Round Quarters

( all 16 games listed)


(120 games listed of 128!!)

(all 64 games listed!!)

(all 32 games listed!!)

Finals 11/23, 11/24
(all 8 final games listed)






Abezetian  (1), Nowaczyk, Cummings,
Lund, Greenberg 

(6A) Prairie Ridge      

Bachman (3), Burton, Dupre, 
Grote, Rix from central IL

(2A) Williamsville (8A) Andrew (2A) Casey-Westfield

(3A) Columbia
4A Final

Bernardi (4), Black, Klein,
Thompson, Frerking 
(8A) Lane Tech (7A) Cary Grove (7A) Morgan Park

(5A) Metamora
8A Final

Bert (0), Nudo, Hayes
Crowley, Sobeski 

(6A) Joliet Catholic      

Bishop (2), Clark, Thompson, Sutton,
Moyer from Rockford area

(4A) Harvard (7A) Guilford    

Boelens  (2), Vandersnick, Blackwood
Magerkurth, Schumake
r from Quad Cities

(5A) Washington      

Book (2), Gibbs, Otey, 
Edwards, Gain from southern IL

(5A) Marion (4A) Anna Jonesboro (7A) East St. Louis  
Bradle (4), Deatherage, Franken,
Sepich, Walraven from Peoria area
(2A) Maroa Forsyth (2A) Tremont    
New Playoff Crew!!!
Buchner, T (0), G Buchner,  Monell,
Jackson G, Moscardini
(6A) Ottawa (2A) Dakota    

Burch (1), Wagenecht, McCormick, 
Fritz , Preston from WPOA

(1A) Galena      

Conte (2), Davis, Harre, Rhienecker, 
Westfield from DuQuoin

(3A) Carmi      

Cook (3), Bruck, Walters,  
Rutter, Knoup

(5A) Belvidere (1A) Galena    
Curtis, Fred (1), S.Curtis, Wright,
M.Wiley, Dixon from Springfield area
(2A) Prairie City      
Cusak (?), Preston, Meiner,
Trent, Mason from Peoria area
(1A) Lewistown      
New Playoff Crew!!!
Davelis (0), Crann, Sullivan,
O'Keeffe, Rogers

(8A) Mt. Carmel
Derks (?), Ervin, Tyrell, Ervin,
Bucher from Springfield area
(1A) Princeville      
Dietz (2) , Davis, T Knapp,
J Knapp,  Campbell
(7A) E. St. Louis (4A) Mt. Carmel    

DiMarzio (1), Williams, Holsopple,
Boster, Kaufmann from Springfield area

(4A) Mascoutah      
Dirks (1), Polsean, Fiene,
Gasoske, Spivey from Rockford area
(1A) Aldon Hebron      

Doyle (4), Majka, Jf Rutledge
Ybarra, Kiefer
(*GBuchner for Rutledge)

(7A) St. Rita (7A) Glenbard West (6A) Lemont*

(5A) Morris

Eads, (1) Owen, Martin,
Taylor, Dudley from Sullivan area

(3A) S. J. Ogden

Eastman (1) Good, Rocco,
Allan, Busch

(7A) Reavis      

Elder (3), Stevens, J.Anderson,
Perkins, Sherlock

(8A) Maine South (8A) Fremd (8A) Lincoln-Way East

(8A) Mt. Carmel
7A Final

Fay, (2), Schaaf, Speciale,
Sukllivan, Harris from Granite City
(4A) Breese Mater Dei
(2A) Auburn
Ferguson (?), Phelps, Woolley,
Blinkensderfer, Vulgamott from mid-state
(3A) Marshall      

Ferreri (5), Botts, Hayes, 
Eagle, Mullen from Quad Cities

(4A) Dunlap (3A) Aledo (2A) Dakota  

Figueira (5), McAvoy, Schultz, Rigg, 
Norman from Springfield area.

(6A) Normal Comm. (6A) Joliet Catholic    
Frerichs (1), Cronk, Bensyl, Lee,  
M.Schultz from central Illinois
(2A) Clifton Central      

Frey (1), DeWitt, Denton, 
Lehnus, Ruder from Kankakee area.

(2A) Flanagan Woodland        

Giacone (2), Collins, Giacone,
Gualdoni, Spillman from downstate

(2A) Red Bud (3A) Carlinville    

Givens (2), Schukar, Rebbe, Critcheloe, 
Yagow from Vandalia

(3A) Carterville
(1A) Mt. Olive

Glueckert (3), Jakobsze, Kasper,
Kesseler, Turinsky

(8A) Loyola (7A) Wheaton South (8A) Mt. Carmel

(7A) Carmel

O. Graham (1), Bach, Wilson, 
Devens, Burns

(8A) Bolingbrook      
New Playoff Crew!!!
Grassmuck (0), J.Perry, Boschan,
Ducato, Gillespie

(2A) Forreston
New Playoff Crew!!!
Grawe (0),  Case, Foy,
Handley, Yepsen from Quad Cities

(3A) Amboy

Gray (3), Morrisey, Brown,
Marshall, Unverzagt from s/w IL

(2A) Alton Marquestte (1A) Greenfield (4A) Decatur St. Teresa  

Greider (4), Swick, Wagner,
Mullinax, Thorton from southern IL

(4A) Mt. Carmel (5A) Mattoon (1A) Arcola

(1A) Cuba
2A Final

Gurdak (2), Smigiel, Orris, Hawkins,
(*Ochoa for Caponigri)

(7A) Rolling Meadows* (5A) Robeson (7A) Boylan

(4A) Bloomington CC
6A Final

Hahs,M. (1), Turner, Cross, 
Ewers, Sells from Kankakee
(4A) Bloomington CC        

Hainline (2), Frail, Henrich, Mitro,
Winter from Kewanee

(2A) Morrison      
Hall, Joe  (1), G.Williams, Gaston,
Graham D, McNamara                          
(5A) Harper        
Hammond (2), Smith, Strohm, 
Bergschnieder, Gerger from Springfield
(8A) Belleville East (2A) Farmington    
Hanshew (2), Robbins, Thul, Sieg,
Fitzgerald from Bloomington
(1A) Arcola (1A) Princeville    
Hasley, (1) Freitag, Rodich, 
McGinnis, Gosnell from Galesburg
(3A) Petersburg Porta      

Hebert (2), Steen, Soulgine
Kirchner, Page

(5A) Pontiac (4A) Dunlap (1A) Stark County  
Heinen, Paul (?) et al  from Davis area (3A) Aurora CC      

Hellmer  (2), DSchneider, Griffin,
Piagentini, Cloutier 

(8A) Glenbrook South (4A) Harvard    

Herrera (5), Conrad, Stady,
Ask, T.Moran (for Graber)

(7A) Morgan Park (7A) Geneva (6A) Providence

(7A) Wheaton South

Hess (1), Ciulla, Schreiner
Gurley, Js Rutledge

(6A) Glenbard South      
Hilton (4), Reece, Simpson, Larkin, 
Larkin from Bloomington area
(4A) Chilicothe IVC (7A) Moline (4A) Mascoutah

(2A) Orion
3A Final

Hogan (3), Gallaher, Collins,
Gherardini, Spangenberg from SW Ill.

(6A) Sacred Heart-
(3) Petersburg PORTA (5) Marion

(6A) Normal Community

Holshauser (1), Palus, Broadway, Hale,  
Eaves from southern IL

(1A) Greenfield      

Holtkamp (3), Miller, Manfucci, Spanky
Langenfeld, from Centrailia

(4A) Anna-Jonesboro (3A) DuQuoin (3A) Carterville

(2A) Westville

T. Hug  (3), Geary, Besse,
Wesley, Novotny

(6A) Hubbard (7A) Glenbrook North (6A) Richards

(4A) Driscoll

Johnson, K (1), Carter, Underwood,
Wilson, Yoggerst from Springfield area

(1A) Cerro Gordo      

Jones B (3), Levan, Trevena,
Corley, Brooks from Rantoul                         

(3A) Riverton (1A) Tuscola    

Jones, Jack  (1), Adkins, Bobbitt,
O'Leary, J.Longtin

(3A) Plano
New Playoff Crew!!!
Jones  (0), Jones, Jones,
Benge, Cutright from Charleston

(1A) Sidell
Jontry  (3), Simpsen,  Reese, Pownall,
Yockey  from Bloomington area
(2A) Fieldcrest (8A) Neuqua Valley (1A) Cambridge  

Kane (1), Anderson, Folk, 
Knoop, Rutter

(2A) Orion      
Keating (1), Rasins , Petersen,
Quirk,  Dansdill

(7A) Lake Zurich

J.Kelly (4),  Dee, Corte
Grohovena, B. Jones

(4A) Driscoll (6A) Oak Forest (4A) Coal City

(8A) Homewood Flossmoor
5A Final

New Playoff Crew!!!
Kerness (0), Malito, Sirois,
Sirois, Melaniphy

(5A) Morris

Kerr  (1), Nash, Dwinnels,
Mihelich, Shope

(6A) Richards      

King, P (2), Allman, Dacey,
Manning, Bieterman

(8A) Waubonsie Valley (6A) Prairie Ridge (6A) Joliet Catholic  

Knighten (1), J.Kelley, R.Barry,
Kerr, Matthews

(5A) Manley      

Kudzma (2), Evink, Emerick, 
Leombruni, Franck from Rockford

(5A) Woodstock
(6A) Grant    
Lang (?), Porter, Sherwood,
Barnes,  Green from southern Ill.
(3A) Illini West (2A) Sangamon Valley    

Laude (4), Ochoa, Fritz,
Lyons, P.J.Schneider  

(7A) Carmel (8A) Naperville North (8A) Homewood Flossmoor

Oh, c'mon, Alice!

Lein (0), Dobey, Derry, Farquhar,
Crum from Macomb
(1A) Jacksonville Routt      

Lepucki (3), Zelek, Long,
Pence, Butts

(5A) Montini (8A) Glenbrook South (8A) Glenbard North  

Lewerenz, C. (1), Popp, B. Lewerenz,
Wolf, Doty

(7A) Hononegah      

Lindgren (2), Storer, Kollath, 
Kuebler, Wedryk

(6A) Lemont (5A) Rochelle    
Linton (?), Malerk, Twardowski, Thorp,
Phalen from Lasalle-Peru area

(5A) Peoria Woodruff

Lott (1), M. Young, Juhline,
D. McGee, Christ from Rockford area

(7A) Cary Grove

Longtin (1), Parkinson, Clark,
Andrews, Andrews 
(*Bert for Longtin)

(4A) Coal City (2A) Flanagan*    
Lucas (?), Kelling, Shirk, Simonson,
Steger from the Rockford area

(4A) Oregon


Mackey (1), D. Stone, Guse,
J.Stone, Reiter from Rockford area

(7A) Moline (4A) Bloomington CC    

Maddock, J (1), Maddock, Byrd,
Rohrbach, Roan from Peoria area

(1A) Stark County (1A) Cuba    

Mann (1), Hren, Meador, Scheibel,
Schuilmeister from southern Illinois
(3A) Vandalia      

McDaniels  (?), Lulay, Williams,
Weber, TBA from Peoria area
(1A) Lexington      

McMurray (2), Bennett, Stefik, 
Garbaciak, Skoundrianos

(8A) Lyons Twp.

(8A) Glenbard North    

Medema (1), Kennedy, Hirst, McGrath,
Wiechmann from Sterling/Rock Falls

(7A) Boylan      
New Playoff Crew!!!
Minnick, (0) Koester, Fuller,
Cross, Toleski
(6A) Rock Island (5A) Metamora    

Mohler (1), Freund, Rohde, 
Kruschwitz, Stephenson 

(7A) St. Charles East (5A) Nazareth    
Mueller (2), Pickering, Hulin, 
K. Wilcoxen, Corwin from western Ill.
(2A) Sterling Newman (2A) Morrison   (2A) Orion

(3A) Plano
1A Final

New Playoff Crew!!!
Mundt (0), Mundt, Slikas,
Rafalski, Bruton (for Furjanic)

(6A) Oswego      

Murphy (2), Roseman, Perry, 
Toman, Tombasco

(6A) Grant (6A) Rock Island    
Nargelenas, (2) Nelson, Paul, McLeese,
Claton from Springfield 
(*Frey for Nargelenas)
(1A) Mt. Olive (6A) Bloomington * (2A) Maroa-Forsyth  
Nissen, (2) Huston, Carle, 
Galloway, Sholl  from Macomb  
(1A) Concord Triopia (1A) Cambridge      

Owens (3), R Roberts, Thomas,
Hartbank, Collings from Mattoon area

(3A) Newton (6A) Normal Community    

Pevonka (1), K.Keith, Hay
Stogis, Roberts

(7A) Geneva      

Pritchard (1), Pauls, Pelletier, 
Warren, Parson, (Whitmer for Pritchard)

(1A) Milledgeville      

Purcell (5), Knebel, Jack,
Smith, Tolle from southern IL

(6A) Chatham Glenwood (3A) Tolono Unity (3A) St. Joe Ogden  

Reier (2), G.Swanson, Watkins,
Cheshareck, Reier

(8A) Downers South (5A) Montini (5A) Pontiac   

Richardson (1), Bobber, J.Smith,
G.Jackson, Flanagan           

(8A) Naperville N.      
Roberts, B (1), Zamarron, Yokel, 
Teegarden, Leitner from mid-state
(4A) St. Teresa (1A) Jacksonville Routt    
Rowland (?), Garrey, Schiffbauer, 
Knauf, Cunningham
(5A) Metamora (4A) Driscoll    

Sapochak (1),Keene,  Nykiel,
Koczersut, Bosco

(4A) Genoa Kingston      

Scott (3), Thomas,  Ross, 
Mallen, Patock

(6A) Crete Monee (6A) Richards    
Schnitker (1), Danks, Carrell,
Heighton, Strohm  from SE Illinois.

(2A) Westville      
Schulz (1), Ryan, Summerkamp,
Freeman, Sarich    
(7A) De La Salle      

Schwarz (2), Shouse, Raehl,
Newman, Wojcikiewicz

(7A) Wheaton South (8A) Hinsdale Central      

Slayton (5), White, Harris,
Fields, Smiley

(8A) Whitney Young (4A) Chicago Christian   (7A) DeLaSalle

(6A) Oak Forest

Smith, J., (2) DeClerck, Smith D, 
Kimbro, Olson  from Vandalia area
(3A) Greenville
(3A) West Frankfort
Stearns (2), Moomey, Lokaitis
Snow, Nesbit from Springfield area
(4A) Quincy N.D. (4A) Coal City    
Steinway (1), Liesen, Meyer, Hindkamper,
Green from Quincy area
(3A) Aledo      
Stieglitz (3) Gorman,King, McGinnes,
Mcginnes from Peoria area
(5A) Geneseo (5A) Normal University (1A) Mt. Olive  

Taylor (?), Wikoff, Allen, O'Neill,
(*Yerian  for Taylor) from west central

(4A) Mendota*        

Utterback (5), Feigh, Cunningham,
Lang, Feeney

(8A) Fremd (8A) Palatine (3A) Aurora Christian  

Vallos (2), Pallardy, Paulmeyer (for Enda),
Polivka, Hammerstein 

(7A) Glenbrook North (7A) Lake Zurich (5A) Woodstock Marian  

Vogan (1), Bourke, 
Rathman, Condon, Babicz

(8A) York      

Voyles (5), Nohren, Long, 
Perkins, Mitze  from central Illinois

(2A) Casey (5A) Charleston    

Wasik  (1), Ristau, Shinkin, 
Ray, Sujack

(8A) Lincoln-Way East      
New Playoff Crew!!!
West, (0) E.Klein, Taylor,
Mazzone, Borcher
(4A) Chicago

Whitney (2), Grimes, Cox, Brasick, 
Withrow  from Bloomington

(6A) Peoria Richwoods (3A) Wilmington (4A) Morris  

Whittington  (1), McQueen, Lowe, 
Nicchia, Swierk

(5A) Robeson      

Widmayer (4), Eiserman, Brice, 
Jackson, Moricoli

(2A) Dakota (3A) West Carroll (4A) Driscoll  

Wiley (3), Hull, Brannock, 
Grumley, Weatherly from southern Ill.

(5A) Mt. Vernon (2A) Red Bud (3A) Greenville

(1A) Tuscola

Yelton (1), Varner, Bilkey,
O'Connor, LeBeau

(6A) Oak Forest            

Zuckerman (1), Schrag, Graham,
Cappelen, Lindell

(8A) Brother Rice               

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