Instructions for paying your
for officials to be assigned to non-high school basketball games.

Please read carefully.


If you are joining (or re-joining) our BUCKETS Arbiter group to receive non-high school basketball assignments, even if you are already on the Arbiter with another assigner(s) and/or group(s), you will need to register on our BUCKETS Arbiter Group and pay the 2023-24 Arbiter Access Fee.

To do that, you will need the following:

    a) a "head and shoulders" photo of yourself on your computer, ready to upload. Save those pictures of your kids, pets, and boats, etc, for your Facebook page. We just need to know, in a recognizable manner, only what YOU look like. 

     b) a credit card to pay the 2023-24 BUCKETS Access Fee of $ 7.50, or your checking account tracking and account numbers if you prefer to pay by e-check. No other payment methods will be available. This registration ends April 1, 2024. 

Note that another annual fee will be due for the 24-25 season.

Note that no high school basketball games will be assigned from this group.

If you are ready to register to work non-high school basketball for the BUCKETS Assigners Coalition,
click on the link below, which will take you to the registration forms:

Registration for BUCKETS for 2023-24 has been closed

Coalition Basketball Assigners
Harry Bohn
Craig Davelis
George Demos
Joe Ewers
Wes Fritz
Jay Lyons
Bob Morrow
Rich Parsons
Andrew Williams



Last updated July 21, 2022